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Colour trends of the century are new again
Colour TrendsWhen choosing colours for your next home décor project, a look to the past century can offer inspiration. From metallic silvers to dusty pinks to neutral beiges, paint colour trends have changed and evolved over the century, yet many colours stand the test of time.

Rewind, for example, to the early 1900s when we embraced a growing trend for opulence in décor showcasing elegance and grandeur in rooms (think Downtown Abbey) with bold, dark colours. A glamorous approach to design in the roaring 20s continued with the use of golds, blacks and silvers – influenced by the Art Deco styles of Hollywood. New trend colours this year, with hues like Spectrolite (PF73) and Boysenberry (PF23) from Canada's PARA Paints, resemble the invigorating blues and luxurious Bordeaux reds of decades past.

Moving into the 40s and 50s post-war era, Canadians saw the emergence of softer pastel shades. The design trends saw an explosion of mint greens and powder pinks, while, the 60s 'flower power' generation showed a trend towards vivid, psychedelic colours. In a nod to this decade of wonderful chaos, the “anything goes” attitude of PARA's new Impulse palette is bringing back shades like Alexandrite (PF61) and Guava (PF32) similar to the bright teals and blazing oranges that were so influential in that decade.

Earthy tones reigned supreme during the 1970s with such staples as burnt orange and harvest gold. The 80s saw a return to pinks, purples and greens, but this time it was shocking neon hues that seized the fashion and décor styles of the day. The millennium brought us a revival of tinted whites and classic neutrals with a movement that was led by a minimalistic approach to designing with colour. Classic and modern neutrals like the stone grey Rosemary (PF25) from PARA's Dawn palette complement the most recent decade of subtle elegance.

“Over the past 100 years we have seen many colour trends come and go – proving that to know where you're going, you have to know where you've been,” says Garry Belfall, senior brand manager at PARA Paints. “As 2015 marks our 100th anniversary, we are excited to reintroduce the classic colours in our 2015 Centennial Colour Palette that have inspired decades of design.”

The past can be a source for endless inspiration and as the adage often goes, everything old is new again.


Posted: Wednesday, March 11, 2015 9:38 AM by Susan Pauls-Valerio, Broker of Record
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