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Optimize Your Air Conditioning System
Optimize your air conditing systemSwitching your thermostat from “heat” to “cool” is usually a sign that summer is fast approaching and it is time to start thinking about your central air conditioning system. While a yearly check-up is best left to a qualified contractor, there are some things homeowners can do to avoid an ill–timed malfunction of their central air conditioning system:

• Clean or replace the furnace filter. The air conditioner needs the furnace to circulate the air and a dirty filter circulates dust and other particles throughout the house, cutting down on a furnace's efficiency.

• The thermostat should be set below the room temperature and not set for cooling below 20 degrees Celsius which can cause a multitude of problems with your air–conditioner, including freezing up. Ideally, set the thermostat to 25.5°C when at home; 29°C when away.

• Turn the humidifier off during the summer cooling season. Leaving the humidifier on will only increase the cooling load and force the air conditioner to work harder.

• Close your drapes or shades on sunny days and ensure all windows in the house are closed.

• Close off vents in any unused rooms.

• Use ceiling fans to circulate the air.

Optimizing your air conditioner can lead to energy savings and efficiency and will keep your machine running smoothly all season long.

Book a qualified professional to make sure your air conditioning system is operating safely and efficiently. Consumers can learn more and locate a qualified contractor to service their air conditioning systems by going to the HRAI Contractor Locator, HRAI You Tube channel or calling 1-877-467-HRAI (4724). All HRAI Member Contractors have been prescreened and have the required trade licenses, technical certifications and insurance coverage.


Posted: Tuesday, June 2, 2015 5:37 PM by Susan Pauls-Valerio, Broker of Record


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