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Buying a new home? Remember your homework
Buying a new home? Remember your homeworkThere are so many decisions to make when buying a new home. The location, the layout, the finishes - the choices can seem overwhelming at times. But the biggest and possibly the most important decision is choosing a builder. So, before you make any commitments on which model home you like, whether to have three bedrooms or four, and what floor tile you want, be sure you have the right new home builder. Buying a new home might be the largest purchase you ever make so do your homework and make an informed decision

All new home builders in Ontario must be registered with Tarion. Every new home builder must offer a seven year warranty on every home they build. Tarion regulates new home builders in Ontario and backstops the builder's warranty. If your builder is not registered, it may be because he/she could not meet the minimum technical standards or failed to provide the proper financial securities mandated by Tarion. In any case, they are likely building illegally.

It is illegal to build a new home in Ontario without first being registered with Tarion as a new home builder. It is also illegal to build or sell a new home without registering that home in the warranty program. This is required to protect against substandard homes and potential liability issues for home buyers.

New home buyers are the ones who suffer the most when they purchase an illegally-built home. They can be left with unfinished or even uninhabitable homes – without even knowing that they are entitled to warranty protection.

So, the first step to making your first new home buying decision is to search the Ontario Builder Directory available at Tarion.com. This Directory gives a 10-year building history for all registered builders. It also tells you who is no longer registered to build homes. You can even see who has been nominated or received an Award of Excellence. The Tarion Award of Excellence is presented to builders with the highest scores in customer satisfaction as chosen by their own customers. That's why we say the award is earned, not won.

Once you've made sure your builder is registered, the next step is to ask around. Walk around other neighbourhoods where the builder has built previously and inquire about these homeowners' experiences. Speaking to other homeowners will give you a good indication of whether the builder stands behind their work and if customer service is a priority – both before and after possession. You can also ask for references in online or social media communities. There are a number of active home-related sites where experiences are shared about everything from décor selections to construction delays and the after-sales customer service.

Take time with all your new home buying decisions especially the important, first choice of who the builder is. Do your homework and don't be swayed by builders who claim that they have a special exemption or that you don't need a Tarion warranty because they are offering their own. Being registered and providing a warranty isn't optional – it's the law.

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