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How to achieve a greater level of household clean this holiday
Household clean this holidayDo you wash and condition your hair? Of course you do, since we would never dream of doing just half the job. So how about when it comes to cleaning your home's floors? Are you getting a complete clean? With holiday entertaining upon us, it's more important than ever.

Some pretty interesting things can live deep in the fibres of carpets and fabrics throughout your home. Did you know that 10,000 dust mites and 100,000 dust mite corpses can live in just 10 square feet of carpet, causing allergies and triggering asthma?

You might also find skin cells as well. The average person sheds 36 million in a single day. Bacteria and viruses can survive up to a month on carpets, which can be more contaminated than a toilet seat, harbouring pathogens that could cause illness. Pollen, animal dander, mould and mildew are also commonly found in carpets, rugs and fabric surfaces. These irritants may precipitate breathing issues and other health complications.

Even ordinary dirt poses a challenge. More than a pound of it can accumulate in a carpet, in any given room, in just one year.

If you're only vacuuming your floor coverings, you are not getting the most thorough clean. If you don't want to share your carpets and fabrics with creepy critters and contaminants, lifestyle experts recommend adding a carpet washer to your clean team.

Here are a few simple steps for a thoroughly clean, holiday-ready home:

1. Vacuum your carpets, rugs and fabric surfaces at least once a week or twice a week if you have pets or if someone smokes in your home. Make it less of a chore with a cordless, maneuverable vacuum. Retailers tell us that a top seller is the Hoover Air Cordless, which is lightweight and steerable.

2. Purchase a quality, lightweight carpet washer. Look for one with a dual tank system that separates clean water from soiled water. A more superior clean is possible with models that have a moving brush system. Another popular choice is Hoover's Turbo Scrub Carpet Washer, because its multiple counter-rotating brushes spin 360 degrees, rather than roll, for constant carpet contact and a deeper clean.

3. Use the carpet washer every three to six months to remove dirt and other contaminants and to help keep your rugs and fabrics looking and smelling fresh and vibrant. Throughout the holidays, it's also perfect for spot cleaning inevitable spills. For best results, use on stains as soon as possible.

4. Try to avoid the mantra “out of sight, out of mind.” Holiday entertaining can leave crumbs and ground-in messes. Move furniture and use attachments to get deep into crevices and under cushions to ensure you're not leaving behind anything that could cause mould and mildew or invite dust mites and other allergens.

Following these tips will keep your home in peak shape through any holiday and beyond. It will also help to extend the life of your carpets.


Posted: Sunday, November 22, 2015 10:02 AM by Susan Pauls-Valerio, Broker of Record


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