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Spring cleaning for your kitchen
Spring cleaning for your kitchenSpring is a great time for a fresh start, but spring cleaning is something that most people dread. That dusty refrigerator top, cluttered cabinets and an oven that smokes when you use it have been ignored long enough. It may seem like an ominous task but here are some tips to make spring cleaning a breeze:

One task at a time

Tackling the bigger, dirtier jobs first will make the rest of the work seem not so daunting. Start by emptying out the fridge, cupboards and drawers and giving them a good wipe down. Don't forget to pull out the fridge and stove to clean behind and under them. You should also empty the toaster crumb tray and wipe down the microwave.


Take this opportunity to sort and discard older, expired items. Throw out multiple opened condiment jars and nearly-empty containers and start a donation bin for the non-perishable food items. Rearrange your cupboards making the most used items more accessible.


Over time, your bright and shiny stainless steel cookware can become stained and discoloured. They can easily be brought back to life using specialty non-abrasive cleaners, or even cooking high-acid foods like tomato sauce or washing the pan with vinegar. You can also use spring cleaning as an occasion to polish the silverware and sharpen those kitchen knives.

Short-cuts to save on time

Oven cleaning used to be one of the toughest tasks. Taking advantage of self-cleaning features on ovens can significantly reduce cleaning time and the use of harsh cleaning chemicals. New LG ovens can sparkle in just three easy steps by simply spraying with water, pressing LG's EasyClean and after just 10 minutes wiping away any leftover grime. The Aqua Clean Enamel (ACE) coating means that water can penetrate between the surface and the residue, making baked-on food much easier to separate from your oven walls.

More information is available online at LG.com.


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